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Default new faster speed limit on Route 49

Maybe you want to say a prayer before driving your car up Rt. 49 to go hit the slopes at Waterville Valley ski area!

December 8, 2017: NH State Route 49; about six miles of Route 49, starting at the Campton-Thornton town line, about 3/4 mile beyond the intersection of Routes 49 and 175, and the Campton Dam, has recently been increased from 40 to 50-mph. So, almost the entire ride from the Campton stop lights, all the way up through Thornton and Waterville Valley to the Waterville Valley ski area, a distance of about 11-miles is now 50-mph except for the yellow sign, slow down sign warnings at the s-curves and corners.


"While I applaud the speed limit increase, we all need to be cognizant that Rt. 49 sees a lot of cycling traffic and wild animals. Be alert and be respectful." - Waterville Valley Realty

This makes a big difference, and it feels like one is really flying, whipping around those s-curves in Thornton and Waterville Valley. Should be a happy ride for all the skiers traveling the 11-miles from Route 93-Exit 28 to go skiing. Today is Dec 20 and about two weeks ago there was a roll over just immediately beyond the Waterville Valley s-curve heading north at about 7-pm ...... as I drove past, there was a number of police and fire vehicles, and one large car, maybe a minivan(?) totally upside down, just off the road in the rough grass, and looking pretty smashed up. It had to be a wild ride.

Thornton-New Hampshire-Police Department: (from Facebook concerning new speed limit), 12 December at 5:45: "The white speed limit signs are the posted speeds for the road you are on. The yellow signs are the suggested speeds for the corner. We do not enforce the yellow signs. If the white sign says 50 mph then 50 mph is the enforced speed limit. All state roads have a suggested speed for sharp corners, off ramps, etc. Hope this clears things up."


"(It was news to us too!)" - WV Police Dept

It's been about seven months, since last April, since I last saw a moose along Route 49, where they cross the road to get to the Mad River for some refreshing mountain water, or something. " ..... arrgghhhh.....super-duper mountain water in that thar river......but crossing the road can be a problemo" -quoting Bullwinkle the moose. Ditto this Bullwinkle sentiment for all the bicyclists who go pedal the 3'-wide paved shoulders, both north and south bound, peddling the 11-miles on scenic Route 49 as it follows the Mad River.

And, another Waterville Valley s-curve potential hazard, besides the bicyclers and the big mooses, is losing your cell phone service to no signal while driving up or down the s-curve. It is pretty standard to lose cell signal here, at this specific area, depending probably on one's phone service provider(?) and that can distract your attention from driving for a second or so while you check your phone to see what's up, and why it went dead .......... helloooo?

A big thank you to Gov Chris Sununu if he had any influence with this Route 49 speed move for speeding skiers to the Waterville Valley ski area.


" ... and he led an aggressive expansion effort of the ski resort ..." - about Governor Chris Sununu

...... Feb 1, 2018 ... just noticed this quoted line about 'leading an aggressive expansion effort' is no longer in Gov Sununu's state web page ..... so, how's about that! ....oh well and so what? .... for some unknown reason it got edited and re-wrote, or something ... wonder if this thread is at fault?

Route 49 experienced a triple fatal motorcycle, head on collision, between a car and two motorcycles with four riders, on the Thornton, NH, Route 49 s-curve on Sunday, June 11, 2006, at about noon ...... conditions: partly warm and comfortable with good visibility ...... and the speed limit was 40-mph. Two couples; two husbands and two wives all from Indiana in their fifties, unfortunately resulting with three riders deceased and the fourth rider badly injured.

To this day, there are three small white crosses placed into the ground creating a memorial, positioned by the side of the road, just before the s-curve starts to curve, located on the left, as you drive north bound. So's, maybe you want to say a prayer as you drive through the Thornton s-curve.

Now, as of Dec 8, 2017, the legal speed limit has been raised to 50 mph, with a cautionary yellow signs speed advisory of 35-mph at the Thornton s-curve.

http://www.14news.com/story/5017412/...ims-3rd-victim (c. 6/11/2006)

"State Police say one of the two motorcycles traveling together collided head-on with an oncoming car. The second motorcycle then collided with the first."

........ and, here's the ski area at the end of the 12-mile road, NH State Route 49, with the main chairlift in the back: www.waterville.com/cams/
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!

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