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Default Repellent Spray

I live on a dead end dirt road in Vt. And my prooerty is loaded with oaks. Itís a squirrels paradise. They got into my pole barn and chewed through one of the hydraulic lines on my tractor. The tech had to remove the fuel tank and ROPS to get to it. Cost me over $1000 to fix. I bought a deterrent spray from Home Depot which contains garlic,black pepper, peppermint and others things that wildlife do not like to smell. I spray this around my tractor and ATVs about every 30 days and havenít had a problem in 3 years.
Wonít be a permanent fix for you but maybe you can spray to move them along until you can figure out a permanent solution. They sell a few different brands, powder and liquid. The one I have been using for the last year is a spray that is sold as a TomCat brand.
We rent a summer place in Gilford and the flying squirrels were taking over the outside patio. They were actually getting into the gas grill. I brought up the jug of repellent spray. Sprayed the inside and outside perimeter of the privacy wall and no more issues the rest of the summer. Just reapplied every 3 or 4 weeks.
Good Luck
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