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Originally Posted by chasedawg View Post
Gary....Great information but really concerning. I caught one last night. Used rat trap and glue stick em. Now need to find out if there are others or babies. Not pleasant!
Just did some research and found out the Northern Flying Squirrel has one litter per year like their larger cousins the gray and red. March to June is the breeding season so there should be no squirrel young at this time of year, save the litter from the Spring time. Pretty much Adults and young of the year now and the Y.O.Y are flying by 3 months old. Good luck with the little buggers!
I believe we had one that broke in through a screened louvre on one of our two rooftop dormers but they could only get into the dormer wall because we have cathedral ceilings. We’d hear them scratching around in the dormer wall and I would take my walking stick and reach up and whack the wall. The noises disappeared eventually.
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