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Originally Posted by garysanfran View Post
They're nocturnal. I had 8 of them. They live in colonies. I stood out in the rain and mosquitos at 3:00 am for a couple of weeks and shot 4 of them with .22 bird-shot.

I gave up on the remaining and had to hire an animal control co. Cost $2,000 for them to seal every single small and large opening (took several hours). Then they installed a "one-way trap door" and the remaining exited. For the next week I heard them scampering all over the house, at night, trying to find a new way in.

Forget the traps, poisons, etc.

Bottom line? By my own experience, you have a very nasty problem. It took me over 2 1/2 months to get rid of them...And by the way...The animal control companies I spoke to were very backed up and I was told by several that they couldn't even take a look at the situation for more than 2 months.
Gary....Great information but really concerning. I caught one last night. Used rat trap and glue stick em. Now need to find out if there are others or babies. Not pleasant!
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