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Default Heath's Center Harbor

Originally Posted by mowtorman View Post
Lots going on 60s and 70s. Belknap college and true hippies. EM Heath in the building above the beach road. Robbins Store next to Anderson's Bakery, best Parker House rolls EVER. Nichols Store on the corner across from the library, large blocks of chocolate and clear delicious birch beer. Center Harbor Sports Shop in the realty/rubbing butts space...they would walk down from the sport shop to pump your gas. Dybros House of Gifts next to the church and the giant wrapped gift on a pole. The house was moved behind the current heaths for a long time. The supposed old PT boat that sat next to the Mount drydock under a tarp structure for about 10 years. The old see saws and the summer fire dept. Clam bake by the water. The White Diamond with magic fingers for 25 cents. Great place to stay and ski Loon or Waterville. Watch out for the red buoy it is there for a reason. One occasional town constable around. Always the same Creemee and gas station. Alvords Pharmacy. Jumping off the pilings on the end of the drydock while the mount pulled in to pick up passengers. Very large swells followed the Mount down the bay every time. Pulling into Center.Harbor to see the Mount drifting backwards before it hit a small boathouse after losing the rudder. The fourth of July parade and docks so busy you couldn't find a space. Super fun small town.
So I just want to say that you never really experienced Center Harbor unless you were admonished as a child for running or making too much noise descending the ramp that led from the grocery store to the lower level in Heath's.
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