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The White Diamond was a place that he "adults" occasionally frequented when I was young staying at our cottage on Alpine Park. I think they had to bring their own booze. The great bakery was Anderson Bakery with the the general convenience store Robbins was next door then the Center Harbor Post Office. I worked at Robbins for one summer, commuting from the cottage to the Mount's Crib, where nobody bothered my 14' Sear's aluminum boat while I was at work. I even remember our PO Box number was 25 and the combination was between F and G, between A and B, and the letter I. We carried the same PO # with us to the new PO next to the Fire station up until only a couple of years ago, nothing but junk mail, so we discontinued it. Great memories then and now, as I will complete 67 summer residence years on the lake this October.
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