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Default center harbor in the 50s and 60s

Thank you twentworth for responding! I remember your uncle Walter and aunt Marjorie well. I remember their children Pam, Walt jr. and i believe a younger one also. My father and i helped Walter move items from their home in Montpilier, vt. to center harbor when they first purchased sleepy hollow. I think Waler worked for I B M. I remember he would tow us water skiing with his boat which had a very powerful 28 h.p. Evinrude motor. I know the sleepy hollow cabins were converted into condos and about 5 years ago my wife and i rented one for a week and stayed there. It brought back some great memories! We are actually going up again next month, but were staying by weirs beach. Thanks again!! I do have a few old pictures of "Sleepy Hollow Cabins" from the 60s, but they may be a few years before Walter purchased them. Would be happy to make some copies and send them to you if you would be interested.
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