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Originally Posted by Greene's Basin Girl View Post
Last fall I lost my beautiful 19 year old cat. The cat I had before her lived 21 years. I am presently looking for 2 kittens, preferably siblings. I would especially love one orange one along with a brother or sister. The Humane Societies have done a great job with their neutering programs. There are not any kittens available at any of the shelters in the area. There are a few on Craig's List, but I thought I would start here. When I did look on Craig's List there were more people looking for kittens then there were available kittens. If anyone knows of any available kittens in NH would you kindly let me know?
Greenes Basin Girl,
Try as hard as you can to get a orange cat,THEY are the best. Brought one back when i moved back from California. Now I have another orange cat. Both my sisters have orange cats, and right now so does my dad. Most orange cats are males. They are very smart and friendly.
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