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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm still just experimenting with this new GoPro3 (black model) camera. I attached the camera to the boat last summer and tried all the different modes and resolutions. I got some really amazing videos of my family in the boat but I won't be sharing those. A friend of mine has been making some great time-lapse videos so I thought I'd try that on my recent trip to the lake.

I also shot some regular dashcam video as I drove around the Weirs area. If I shot regular video and just sped it up it would look better than the time-lapse but I would probably run out of storage space if I let it run for several hours. My friend captured a 9 hour time-lapse of a drive to western PA in 10 second mode and had no problem with storage space.

The camera does have a wider panoramic mode but it was too wide for a dashcam view and made everything look too small. I decided that the 4X3 image was better for this purpose.

I like the idea about mounting it to the Mount Washington and doing a time lapse of her journey around the lake. I may see if they'll let me mount it on the bridge during the Shakedown Cruise.

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about what I can do with the GoPro next summer. I thought about buying a Phantom helicopter drone but I heard that private drone use may not be permitted soon.
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