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Originally Posted by Acres per Second View Post
Perhaps the recent admonition to add air pressure to tires has affected "the ride".

I don't notice that NH's roads are particularly "bad". Traveling the speed limit could help some...I've had trucks on my bumper when driving "5-over" in blinding rain!

1) "Bike Month" still attracts plenty of riders.

2) Middleton Center attracts heavy logging-trucks.

Where every other radio advertisement is for "replacement windshields"?
Take my approach, I normally travel 5 over and no more around town. When I get tailgated I slow down to the speed limit or slightly below. That really seems to piss them off.
The bike event attracts people and always will regardless of the roads, it isn't about the roads it is about the event.

OK so it attract heavy trucks, that is no excuse not to repair it!!!!

As for the comment about nothing a little money will not fix. How about utilizing manpower. I see 10 guys standing around all most state/town jobs while one or two work. Union, where one guy handles a shovel, one a rake and one to oversee and the rest drinking coffee. To bad they couldn't all multitask then you wouldn't need 10 guys to do a job that 3 can none union workers can do, for a lot less.
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