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Perhaps the recent admonition to add air pressure to tires has affected "the ride".

I don't notice that NH's roads are particularly "bad". Traveling the speed limit could help some...I've had trucks on my bumper when driving "5-over" in blinding rain!

Originally Posted by Belmont Resident View Post
"...I do not know what roads are being traveled by those who think they are good. Talk to anyone who rides a motorcycle in this state and they will tell you..."

Try Middelton Rd heading out of Wolfeboro towards New Durham. But once you cross the New Durham line it get much better.
1) "Bike Month" still attracts plenty of riders.

2) Middleton Center attracts heavy logging-trucks.

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"...You think the roads are bad in NH? Try the roads in the state just south of us..."
Where every other radio advertisement is for "replacement windshields"?
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