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Originally Posted by TheProfessor View Post
What about Lake Kanasatka ?
Here's an email I got as a member of Lake Winnipesaukee Association. Cyanobacteria is elevated in Kanasatka, but is not yet dangerous. Keep an eye out there and in Blackey Cove


In follow up to the NHDES red cyanobacteria advisory for Lake Kanasatka, LWA staff, NHDES and Moultonborough Conservation Commission members collected samples at the outlet of the Rt.25 dam and the inlet to Blackey Cove this morning. DES analyzed the samples and reports the following results.

Outlet at the Dam (Site A): 3,250 cells/mL
Inlet to Blackey Cove (Site B): 4,000 cells/mL

The same species of Cyanobacteria (Dolichospermum) was observed, but the concentrations are well below the state threshold for a warning or advisory. Advisories are issued when cyanobacterial cell concentrations exceed 70,000 cells/mL.

Blackey Cove residents please be on the lookout and report any suspected blooms.

If you suspect a waterbody is experiencing a cyanobacterial bloom: Call or text the hotline at (603) 848-8094 or email and follow these steps to minimize immediate risks:
Donít wade or swim or drink the water.​
Keep pets or livestock out;
Wash your hands if youíve made contact.
Please advise anyone, especially pets and children, to avoid consuming or coming into contact with the water where any conditions are present.

Blooms can appear and disappear quickly and move around the lake with wind, currents, weather and boat traffic. The photos below are of the Kansatka bloom, and should be used to help everyone identify what they are looking for.

To learn more about cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins: CLICK HERE

Please feel free to call (603) 581-6632 or e-mail with any additional questions.

Thank You,

Bree Rossiter
Conservation Program Manager

Lake Winnipesaukee Association
P.O. Box 1624, Meredith, NH, 03253
(603) 581-6632
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