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Originally Posted by mswlogo View Post
So is it unsafe to swim in?

I'm surprised it's showing up on schedule with such a cool and wet July

I don't recall seeing it on NewFound lake.
Yes--it is unsafe. Cyanobacteria is a neurotoxin, dangerous for humans, dogs, and others. To say it's showing up on schedule suggests this is somehow natural or normal--it is only normal in the sense that as we let too much phosphorous into the lake, the lake is very likely to repay us with cyanobacteria and milfoil.

High amounts of rain, high lake water levels, shoreline development, boat wakes, roads without modern water handing, and high air temperatures all contribute here. We can't control the rain or air, but we can address many of these other issues.

As mishman noted, Lake Winnipesaukee Association is working hard to protect the lake from these things. Worth a look at their website for those interested
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