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..... definitely could have used a large foam noodle or two, sliced length wise and placed between the sno-mo and the roof ...... increases the friction grip between machine and roof .... a less slippery and more secure tie down with using rope tie downs .... plus it saves the paint .... foam noodles to the rescue ..... foam noodles attached to roof racks or a flat surface will increase the friction grip between two items with the rope tie down digging the secured load into the foam so it will not move around so much with the travel movement on a moving car/truck ..... like a sup or a kayak or canoe or 10' piece of construction lumber tied atop car roof racks.

... is all about using your noodle ....... duh!

Why ........ with two foam noodles, you will have no problem carrying four snow machines on the roof of your old Corolla all the way from Meredith to Fort Kent ....... no problem!
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!

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