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Now to be the bearer of more bad news. The Seven Lakes Club thought they had a re-route around the section of Corridor 22 closed by the RR just south of Rt 171 (Old Granite Rd) down to behind the Big Moose RV where the trail jumps off of the rails, and back onto dirt. Last Spring the club Trail blazed a re-route to include the building of a bridge, to get us around that closure. Many man hours volunteered, and money spent. Found out over the summer that the new trail and bridge are not acturally on the owners land that gave permission. Miscalculated by a few feet! The owner of that land does not want anything to do with snowmobiles, and will not allow the trail to be on his land by even an inch. So there is still no way north or south from Ossipee down to the Cotton Valley RR trail to go to Wolfboro, Moose mountain, or elsewhere, without going all the way around to Wakefield via Corridor 19, and still having to depend on four lakes, Sandy Pond, Balch Lake, Lake Ivanhoe, and Great East Lake, being frozen. Sucks for me cause I live on the Cotton Valley Tracks (corridor 22&26)
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