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Arrow ..... another slippery night, another Rt-49 roll-over

Last night, Tuesday-Nov 17 about 6-pm on that same area of the Rt-49 road in Waterville Valley, at the top of Hardy Hill where it changes from going pretty steep, uphill, to leveling off and taking a left hand curve, there was another large white Ford F-150 ....... a late model, new style truck .... laying flipped over .... on its left hand drivers side, face down on the right hand road shoulder. The road was a little slick with frozen precipitation, snow-ice-rain, temp-34 and this big pick-up must have lost its grip or something and flipped over as it went from going uphill at 50-mph, to going around a flat level, left hand curve in that there road, there, a-yuh!

This one area on Rt-49, Hardy Hill and the grassy flats below it seem to get its share of grassy flats, Mad River moose hits, and slick road, roll-overs at that spot.

It must have just happened because there were no police or fire there yet, at the time, except for one other car that had stopped, or something.
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