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Originally Posted by jmen24 View Post
When road bans are posted they are almost always town wide and you can figure that any class 5 road is covered in the ban whether the posting is up or not. Andover posted Tuesday, my road does not recieve a physical posting but every entry road to it does. Class 4 and larger roads are usually not posted as these are considered trucking routes.

You can apply for a permit to travel a posted road with a large piece of equipment, its not a big deal and if you are making more than one trip (such as a site work contractor prepping a lot, then it only requires a phone call prior to entering the road to whomever is in control for your town (admin or road agent).

Put a call into your town to determine if they have set the bans (road agent will always be the first to know), that is the only reliable source that I know of as most towns are not online and even more don't update more than once a year, if that.

It depends on the town if they will allow you to travel over a posted road or not, especially repeatedly. A lot of times, a call to the road agent will allow you to travel the road early in the morning before it thaws but not after.

It has been a tremendous problem to truckers in the past. Ask any of them in Wolfeboro.
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