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Originally Posted by ApS View Post
1) The New York Times meticulously maintains their archives back to 1861. Why has NYTs content "mysteriously disappeared" since the Wuhan Laboratory received a $600 Million makeover of their air-conditioning system?

2) The nation's two most famous "anti-vaxxers" were quoted last fall. Can you name them? (Household names", unfortunately).

Ridiculous on the NY Times--I don't believe you have any basis to show that content has mysteriously disappeared--unless that basis is one of your paranoid delusional websites.

Harris is not an anti-vaxxer. I did not fault her for saying she would not trust Trump on the vaccines. He has an incredibly long list of false statements on covid.

Furthermore, the whole premise of your argument is wrong--we do not take vaccines because we trust, or don't trust, Trump...or Biden...or Harris. We take vaccines because they have been proven to be our safest path by a rigorous, professional, scientific process.

This is America--not some weird cult of personality dictatorship where we always defer to a single person
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