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Originally Posted by ApS View Post
I wasn't especially serious. Last fall, there were two famous American anti-vaxxers. Reuters carried the quote from only one of that "team".

1) Can you say, "Operation Warp Speed"?

2) What would happen if 100 Million Americans were to listen to Facebook-- and Twitter's most famous personality, should he be restored from "Cancel Culture's" effects?

1) The New York Times meticulously maintains their archives back to 1861. Why has NYTs content "mysteriously disappeared" since the Wuhan Laboratory received a $600 Million makeover of their air-conditioning system?

2) The nation's two most famous "anti-vaxxers" were quoted last fall. Can you name them? (Household names", unfortunately).

Again with the manipulation.

That article has nothing to do with Harris being an anti-vaxxer—it summarizes how she would trust science over Trump, a sentiment she maintained throughout the election cycle and that EVERYONE should agree with given that, well, Trump was an idiot with Covid.

I mean, people began to drink bleach because of him!

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