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Originally Posted by ishoot308 View Post
It's not cheaper, it's the same price at $99.00. I do agree for what NH has to offer, you are way better off riding elsewhere be it Canada or Maine. Lets face it, the southern half of the state (NH) is iffy at best in regards to snowfall. The southern trails mostly are mediocre at best. The Northern half has SOME nice trails but heck you can see them all in a couple days of riding.

A year long Quebec trail permit will cost you roughly $260.00 USD, this cost includes the required liability insurance they require all riders to have. With the quality of their trail system, non stop grooming and welcoming attitude towards snowmobilers, its money very well spent in my opinion. I'm going to miss it this year!

Southern NH riding isn't meh, it's nonexistent. These days, Ossipee is the southernmost somewhat reliable riding. I've been paying attention the last few years thinking I might buy a machine, but to get to any good riding from southern NH is half a day/day commute alone.

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