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Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
Here is the thing, more the adequate notice was give that this work was going to be done. And if you spend much time down by Harrilla's you will note that there are almost always cars and trailers on the side of the road regardless of the time of year. It just is what it is.....

These types of projects don't get planned over night, and have to be done when contractors are available etc. The timing ends up being what it ends up being....

I saw the signs.... breathed deeply, and decided I just wouldn't worry about being at the camp this week.
You're right - there are always cars and trailers parked on the sides of the road. But way more now than after Labor Day. I arrived at Harilla on Thursday afternoon, and there were no signs saying no parking. I went to Jo Jo's on Friday at 1:00pm, still no signs. When I came back to Harilla on Monday morning, there were tons of signs posted along the street saying no parking. I don't know when they put these up, but it was between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. What about the people that parked there prior to Friday afternoon when there were no signs? They got towed.

Again, I saw the big DOT electronic signs saying paving was starting on 7/20/20, but I don't recall seeing anything saying that there was no parking and cars would be towed. Honestly, no skin off my back because I park inside Harilla. Just seems like a lousy thing to do in the middle of vacation season.
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