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Originally Posted by Little Bear View Post
What brain surgeon thought it would be a good idea to pave Long Island Road from the Long Island Bridge to Harilla Landing in the middle of July during the day? Prime vacation week in an area saturated with vacationers, and these bozos have to cause a major traffic jam?

Ok, so there were signs posted in a couple of spots saying that the paving was going to start on July 20th, but to the best of my knowledge, that’s all the signs said. When I got to Harilla Landing at 9:00am yesterday, they were towing cars and trailers that were parked on the sides of the road. I feel bad for all those people that are out on the islands; when they come back to the mainland to leave, they’ll discover that their vehicle is gone. They’ll then have to leave their families, luggage and belongings in sweltering heat while they try to go recover their vehicles. And exactly how are these people supposed to get to where their car was towed? Nice public relations by the Moultonborough PD.

They couldn’t have waited until after Labor Day to do this, when few people are around? I believe this is a State road, so the blame probably goes to NH DOT.

Here is the thing, more the adequate notice was give that this work was going to be done. And if you spend much time down by Harrilla's you will note that there are almost always cars and trailers on the side of the road regardless of the time of year. It just is what it is.....

These types of projects don't get planned over night, and have to be done when contractors are available etc. The timing ends up being what it ends up being....

I saw the signs.... breathed deeply, and decided I just wouldn't worry about being at the camp this week.
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