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Yes, the Meredith DPW will plow the one acre, dirt parking lot across from the Cattle Landing town dock usually on the day after a big snow storm, sometimes on the same day, and the entire lot gets plowed. They always do a very good plow job with that parking lot!

Exactly 60" is the width of the opening in the blue wood fence there for accessing the ice/water going down that short, smooth, grassy embankment, along with the challenges of any open water or thin ice created by the ice eaters surrounding the big floating concrete town dock. Looking at the design and strength of the town's floating concrete dock, it makes me wonder if two or more ice eaters are really needed for protection from the ice, but probably the town doesn't want to find out by going without the ice eaters. Last winter, the ice eater on the right was not working for the month of January or so, and the dock didn't get damaged? Probably, the town doesn't want to chance it by going without the ice-eaters, and the dock there, old and new, has always had ice-eaters for at least 25-years so's that the way it goes?

In the summer, is not unusual to see various kayaks and canoes get carried, dragged or slid from an immediately close car roof rack down through the five foot opening in the fence there, for a very short haul down the smooth embankment to the lake. Have seen one determined guy pull and slide, all by himself, a 14' vee hull aluminum boat with an old Evinrude 15-hp outboard through that 5' access using about four fat foam noodles for rollers to roll the boat down the grassy slope, and it seemed to be a smooth move for that 14' boat. It looked like it just barely squeezed through that 60" wide opening and scraped off some of the blue paint from the two wood fence posts there?

While some may complain about the open water created by the ice-eaters, if it was your $125,000 concrete floating dock, wouldn't you want to protect it by using two ice-eaters, just like the Meredith DPW?
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