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fatlazyless 11-05-2020 02:36 AM

Bruce the Moose, Rt 49-Waterville Valley
Wednesday evening about 7-pm, Rt 49, Nov 4: looked like Bruce the Moose and a 25-year old big white Ford pickup truck had a get-together on the long straight flat section about a mile down below Hardy Hill.

There had to be five different police cars and fire trucks at the scene .... probably from Waterville Valley, Thornton and Campton.

Did not actually see a dead moose but this is my sense on what happened, there. Like, what else could it be but a moose-vehicle collision because the moose are partial to the good green grass over there, or something, like the road just got rock salted on the Tuesday snow, and they will cross the road to get to the river for a sip of water. The moose around here always look like they have a big smile expression on their face ...... so very smiley.

Who knows ...... it may well be that it was a hit & run ...... with the moose running out and making a hit on that big white pickup, and then running off back to the forest without providing its insurance info? These moose will do that!

8gv 11-05-2020 10:28 AM

Last night I saw the fresh aftermath of two large animal vs vehicle events.

One was on Rte 9 in Hopkinton and the other on 93 a bit north of Concord.

In the dark I could see the cars took some damage.

I did not see the animals involved.

Be careful out there!

upthesaukee 11-05-2020 12:39 PM

Hi beams
When I first arrived at Eielson AFB outside Fairbanks AK, part of our incoming briefing was that in low light and darkness, always drive with the car hi-beams on whenever possible. The explanation was that moose stand so tall, normal lo-beams actually shine under the moose and the high beams give you a chance to see the animal sooner.

I still drive with my hi-beams up wherever possible, over 50 years later.


fatlazyless 11-18-2020 10:34 AM

..... another slippery night, another Rt-49 roll-over
Last night, Tuesday-Nov 17 about 6-pm on that same area of the Rt-49 road in Waterville Valley, at the top of Hardy Hill where it changes from going pretty steep, uphill, to leveling off and taking a left hand curve, there was another large white Ford F-150 ....... a late model, new style truck .... laying flipped over .... on its left hand drivers side, face down on the right hand road shoulder. The road was a little slick with frozen precipitation, snow-ice-rain, temp-34 and this big pick-up must have lost its grip or something and flipped over as it went from going uphill at 50-mph, to going around a flat level, left hand curve in that there road, there, a-yuh!

This one area on Rt-49, Hardy Hill and the grassy flats below it seem to get its share of grassy flats, Mad River moose hits, and slick road, roll-overs at that spot.

It must have just happened because there were no police or fire there yet, at the time, except for one other car that had stopped, or something.

ApS 11-18-2020 08:57 PM

Moose and Car Attraction...Keeps on Ticking...
Could road salt be drawing Moose who would not ordinarily be near humans?

Here's Canada's problem, and maybe it's ours, too...

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