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WINNOCTURN 08-07-2017 12:54 AM

Early Fish and Game Video
Check out this Early Fish and Game Video!

When I first saw it, I thought it was Sargent Preston.

fatlazyless 08-12-2017 07:16 AM

... back in 1966?
1966! is my wild guess for "what year is this old movie?"....... excellent old movie clips of snowmobiles in NH..... you can almost smell the stinky, stinky, two stroke oil that would cling to the people back then...sno-mos were extremely smelly back in 1966? ....take a deep breath .....ugh.....cough - cough - cough....what is that stinky, burnt 2-stroke oil's a snowmobiler!

donmac 08-12-2017 07:52 AM

Looks like a 71 Panther in what looks to be a showroom shot, so I'd guess ~71. :)

I had a mid-60's ski-doo and an early 70's moto-ski, both resembled many of the sleds shown.

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